To be authentic means to be true, legitimate and genuine.
It is something authentic that possesses or presents a elaboration and proven procedure, which is proper to the origin to which it is attributed. That is why this is the central element of the company, present in its name.
Autêntica (en.: authentic)  is an architecture office focused on the creation and production of exclusive commercial and residential projects of high standard, aligned with the functional and aesthetic objects intended by the user.
The graphic solution was to create an original typography, inspired by the superior views of developed designs. The "A" in the center of the square is the simple representation of the authenticity applied to the environments.

An original typography was created from the developed logo.

The pictograms were developed to represent the residential and commercial architecture services, inspired by the typography of the logo.

The developed pattern seeks to represent the volume of the three dimensions and the texture of real materials.

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