The PastryFy Lab.
Small confections. Surprising sensations.
The PastryFy Lab(for you) is a pastry laboratory, specializing in the sale of desserts and petit fours that use classic french techniques to create the most varied types of small and dainty confections. They use creativity to create new and amazing desserts. Surprise, sensation and experience are the brand attributes, where the people traveling through the flavor.
The ingredients are varied and selected, but the main ones are love and affection. The brand mains people to feel all the careful in the little sweets, made with the greatest dedication. With their words:
"Small confections filled with impressive and surprising sensations. This is our legacy and that is what moves us."

Diamond is a crystal with high added value, sold as a gem, and it was the main inspiration for the brand system and packaging. The gem have many different shapes and color, each ones exclusive and unique. The diamond is worked hard until it stays in perfect shape as it is known. When ready, your visual impact Is amazing. Diamonds reflects and does not lose its luster over the years. As  The PastryFy Lab and their confections.
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