To Animate: Bring to life, inspire, encourage, or give a renewed vigour to. The challenge was to design a complete brand identity for Berro Motion, an animation design studio based in South Brazil, whose main mission is to animate and give life to crazy ideas in a very original way. A video can change the world through a clear, objective and fun concept. Berro Motion visual communication needs to reflect their brand personality, with a young and contemporary look and feel. Technically, it must create life in the digital environment of videos and the web.

"Berro" means "to shout, yell or scream" in Portuguese. We created a mutant visual identity that follows the brand mood in different situations and can be lively brought to life when animated / in motion.


We're honoured to announce that this project was awarded:

Winner in the German Design Award 2019
Excellent Communications Design - Branding Category

Finalist in the Irish Design Awards 2017
Branding Identity Schemes Category


Project: Branding

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